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Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultural heritage is part of the fabric of Australia forming one of its most valuable and irreplaceable assets. Because of this, it is protected by various state, territory and federal legislation. In order to meet these legal requirements, most major developments require archaeological survey, impact mitigation and management plans. 

MAH offers a number of services in response to clientele needs and legislative requirements.

MAH Services:

  • Heritage Advice

  • Aboriginal stakeholder engagement and consultation

  • Archival Research

  • Site survey

  • Heritage impact and risk assessments

  • Site monitoring 

  • Artefact analyses

  • Cultural values mapping

  • Geospatial data analysis

  • Drone surveying and mapping

  • 3D modelling and printing of culturally significant objects

  • Arial video and photogrammetry

  • Significance assessments including socio-cultural and intangible values 

  • Management plans for cultural heritage sites

  • Traditional owner workshops

  • Heritage Inductions

Ring tree located on the banks of the Murrumbidgee

A 'ring tree' located along the banks of the Murrumbidgee. These trees are considered by Wiradjuri and surrounding groups to be of great cultural importance.

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